Lesson Learnt No. 2

Everyone has their people.

Throwing yourself into a group of strangers, whether for work, play, or a little bit of both, is a huge challenge and hopefully a whole lot of fun. Although first appearances can be misleading, in most cases within days or even hours, you can normally identify those people you click with, and those whom you never will. Even if there aren’t any negative feelings involved, you just get a good feeling about some: they make you feel instantly comfortable, bring out a good side of you, and without knowing, encourage you to share your thoughts. They see you the way you want to be, bringing out a lovely side of you which you may not have seen in that particular form before. And most of all, they make you like yourself.

These are the people who, given enough time, become truly great friends. If time isn’t there, they are still the people we should be surrounding ourselves with as much as possible. This doesn’t mean dismissing other people, or thinking you can’t enjoy their company, and people can always surprise you. But it’s just as important to recognise that we don’t have to love everyone. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you can’t seem to get on with someone well: it doesn’t mean you’re boring or cold, it just means you’re missing that natural connection – it can’t be helped, and chances are, they’re feeling exactly the same way about you. Be kind to everyone, give everyone a piece of your time, but try to find those people who make you feel like a really great person, because in their company, you will be one.

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